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Mature Skin

Mature Skin

Let’s be real — getting old isn’t easy, especially when we can visually see our youth fading away. The beauty industry surely doesn’t help either — they actually do the quite opposite. Oof!

However, at Puzzle, we like to think, “You might grow up, but You’ll never be old.” You see, we believe you can be & feel young at any age. The little trick is… it has to start with YOU! 

So let’s go on a journey. Maybe you’re the type of beauty connoisseur who keeps buying products that actually make you look older. Or maybe you finish your makeup routine and it never “looks right.” So, you keep searching and spending your time & your cold hard cash to get the same dreary results, which dampens your self esteem. Because it’s so easy for all of us to look at ourselves and see all the things that we don’t like. And then you end up thinking that something is wrong with you

Let us stop you right there! 

Did you ever wonder, “Maybe I just didn’t receive the right products?!”

*Fun fact: our skin changes with age — even our lips, lashes & brows! That means your makeup & skin care should change as well. That’s why your old makeup that used to sit on your skin so well in your 20’s is NOT going to look & sit the same way after your 30’s. Same goes for your skincare! So many of our clients have experienced this major shift in their lives, so know that you are NOT alone. 

Okay, are you ready for the most important aspects of mature makeup?

*Formula!* & *Application!*

But before we dive in, let’s talk about how so many makeup brands focus on the younger crowd. Why? Because everyone wants to look young and “youth sells.” There are also so many brands that lean into the “clean” side of the formula. And some brands are just starting to focus on the over 60’s crowd. There are very few brands (if any) that highlight clean formulas for mature skin — 30’s to 60’s. As we like to call ourselves, “The Middle Children.” Those of us who feel not so young and not too mature.

For 20 years our Founder, Avital has studied people's features — different ages, skin textures, tones, undertones, and so many different formulas and applications. With her experience, she realized that there is a huge need for the “middle children” with maturing skin. And with all that experience, we have crafted the perfect formula that gets real results. We have clients telling us our formula has even helped them with their hot-flashes. YES!

We created our makeup brand with your health top of mind. That’s why our formula affects your skin just like a clean skincare product:

  • Zero heavy chemicals, which allow your skin to breathe under the makeup and protects your skin from the sun & pollution.
  • It includes better ingredients that make a huge difference on your skin — how it sits, looks, and lasts on your face all day long.
  • Ultimate hydration and nourishment to reduce signs of aging and help maintain healthier skin.
  • We custom blended formulas for any and all skin types & w eeven came up with a completely new application technique that’s… chefs kiss! 

Our products are designed to help you GLOW from the inside out, enhance your individual BEAUTY, and see all the things you LOVE about yourself.

The truth is…it’s a great formula for any age — young or mature, but extra impact for 30+.  So let’s GLOW UP together — confidently, courageously and audaciously sassy!

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