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3 Beauty Trends for 2024

3 Beauty Trends for 2024

2024 (and every year) the trend should always be first, about YOU!  You loving you. Feeling confident. Being comfortable in your own skin. YES!

And then... we get to dress that up with some juicy, creative self-expression! When it comes to upcoming beauty trends for 2024, we feel that it's all about that POP. Looks & colors that are vibrant & sexy... in a fun, natural, and flirtatious kind of way.

That means, of course, finding the right colors that pop with your unique skin tone. *Our Custom Makeup Quiz is designed to professionally select your unique color palette based on your features.*

Here are 3 ways we see a little extra "POP" showing up in 2024.

  1. Bold Loose Eyeshadows & Eyeliners

Perfect to use as sexy eyeliners on top or bottom. Select colors that will give you the edgy look with rich pigment. Winter Bestsellers: Mellow Yellow, Wild, & Extraordinaire.

  1. Lip Stain with a pop of Lip Gloss 

It's time to pucker up and let your lips shine! Pro-tip: When the lips pop, go for a neutral eyeshadow or eyeliner. *Topseller* Lip Duo: Skin2Skin Lipstain & One Way Lip Gloss.

  1. Attention-Seeking Blush

When it comes to blush, we want to make your cheeks pop in an effortless way.  Some of our customer favorites are: Tart, Attitude & Rave


Remember, the most important trend of all is to be true to yourself and your personal style. Use these trends as inspiration and fun ways to express yourself creatively through makeup. After all, confidence and self-love never go out of style!

Find your perfect pop by taking our Custom Makeup Quiz.

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