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Mature Makeup For Men

Mature Makeup For Men

Everything around us is changing constantly, so isn't the time to change the way that we look at makeup for men? Is it fair that women can use makeup to enhance beauty, but men can't?

Now let’s be clear —we’re not talking about going WILD, we’re talking about soft, natural makeup that will enhance your skin:

   + helping your skin tone look more even

   + making your eyes look more awake

Boy's, Boy's, Boy's it's time to start paying attention to details.

Here are few simple steps for you to create a #NaturalMakeup look.

1. Find a Foundation, Press Powder & Concealer where the formula is really thin. This will help your skin look even, create a natural look as if you don't have any makeup on & keep the application on for a longer time without the need to touch it up throughout your day.

2. Black Brown Mascara. Use a clean Eyelash Brush for every application to collect the last of the mascara & create more of a natural look. You can also use a Clear Mascara as well.

3. Use a Press Powder Blush that is a slightly darker than your skin. Face Powder usually doesn't have any shine, so they are great for creating a natural look that’s not so obvious.

4. Use a Lip Stain where the pigment is really close to your natural color of your lips to make them little bit more defined. 

Now, don't be shy & give it a try! You might be surprised you really like it. With 20+ years of experience working 1-on-1 with clients (both male & female) we can comfortably tell you, you are not going to be the first one!

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