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Our Story

We're not just another makeup brand. We're a movement. A rebellion against society's notion that beauty fades once you hit 30 and up. We believe that makeup isn't about keeping up with the filters or covering up your flaws — it's about enhancing your unique beauty and letting your sass shine through, baby!

Because we get it! Makeup can be overwhelming and there is no one size fits all. That's why our CEO & Founder, Avital Elgaziel, who has been a Professional Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Salon Owner for over 20 years, set out to decode ageless and personalized makeup for all skin types.

With fierce beauty prowess, she put together PUZZLE — all the pieces to raise your over-30 vibrations. From custom-blended foundations and personalized color palettes to blushes, brushes and more, PUZZLE is the personalized glow up you've been waiting for your whole life.

We're here to empower you to express yourself boldly and unapologetically with our vegan, custom cosmetics. So go ahead, own your age, embrace your individuality, and let Puzzle Makeup be your partner in play on this wild, beautiful journey!

What We Stand For


We live in a world where we're constantly bombarded with beauty standards and expectations. Puzzle is here to empower you. Isn’t it refreshing to know that you have the power to choose what you put on your skin? Yes! Hop on board with us because this clean, vegan beauty train is moving and ready to break traditional beauty boundaries with you.


We believe in honesty and keeping it real all the time. Our commitment to transparency includes using high-quality, vegan ingredients that are made in the U.S. We are here to help you find personalized products and provide genuine guidance tailored just for you. We value quality, trust, and being open with you above all else.


At our core, we welcome and embrace diversity because beauty knows no boundaries. Our products are designed to celebrate people of all skin colors, identities, income levels, and ages. We believe in treating everyone with equal respect & kindness, and are committed to creating an inclusive, uplifting space for all.

Meet our Founder

From a young age, Avital struggled with feeling beautiful. She was constantly labeled as different and never fit into the traditional beauty standard box. Despite the limitations imposed by society and circumstances, Avital decided to make her voice stronger than others & refused to let judgments define her worth. She discovered her passion for creativity and cosmetology, recognizing the power of loving yourself first and then using makeup to enhance what we have instead of changing who we are. 

After relocating to the United States, Avital's unwavering determination guided her to secure a prestigious spa position. It wasn't long before she launched her very own beauty lounge and line of clean and vegan makeup. Over two decades, she honed her skills as a makeup artist, salon owner, and aesthetician, and from her clients' experiences, she made her most significant creation: Puzzle.

Puzzle goes beyond being a makeup brand; it epitomizes Avital's values and the voices of her clients. It is a canvas for self-expression. With each brushstroke, we paint a story of personal growth and empowerment together, embracing our uniqueness, instead of conforming to societal beauty norms.

Avital's message is clear — we all have the power to change our destiny at any age, dream big at any time, and create something absolutely beautiful. She urges you to believe in yourself and to share your unique creations with the world, knowing that beauty is so much more than physical appearance. It’s about embracing our differences, knowing that is what makes each of us unique and truly beautiful.

We created Puzzle because we realized life is about pieces. Over the last 20 years, we asked questions, listened deeply, and received all the information and pieces to create the perfect picture for you. Puzzle Makeup is an expression of all of us. Everything is and will always be connected.