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Spend Less Time And Money On Your Makeup Products

Spend Less Time And Money On Your Makeup Products

Many of us shop for makeup products that sit in our drawer without use because they just are not the right ones for us, no matter how much we try to make them work.

You know the story… The color looks different than in the store, the formula is too thick, feeds too quickly, makes us look older... and the list goes on. I know this not just from personal experience before I became a makeup professional but also through the frustrated clients that come to me for the first time through the years. 

When it comes to buying makeup, first it's about how educated the salesperson is and how they share their knowledge with you. Sometimes, it's hard to find the right salesperson so it's always good to learn some tips and be prepared. In some cases, it's not only what you buy it's also how you use it. You always want to be in control. 

When you use your makeup correctly, the application will be much easier and quicker. It will look much better, give you long lasting results, and save you a lot of money. 

Helpful Tips For When You Try Makeup On At The Store


Lip Colors (Lip Stick, Lip Stain, Lip Gloss)

Lip Colors (lip stick, Lip Stain, Gloss...)

To get the right shade, always try the lip color on your lips not hands as the color of your lips and hands are different so the pigment of the lipstick will be different. Also your hair and eyes color going to affect the shade off the lipstick.




If you need to apply the foundation on your neck to make everything look even, you are buying the  WRONG SHADE! In my 20 years of experience I have never had to apply foundation on any of my clients' neck. 

In some cases, like a spray tan, we need to match the face foundation to the neck and chest area so everything looks even, but never face and neck at the same time. Your foundation should be applied only on your face when you’re trying to get the right shade. 


Custom Foundation

Our hands are one of the areas that have more lines then other areas of our body. So, if you don't have the time to try it on your face to see how the formula sits, like too thick or too thin, try it on your hand. If your natural lines look more obvious than before, this formula is not right for you and would create the same results on your face. The formula will sink into your face’s natural lines which are going to  give the illusion of an older look.

I almost always recommend choosing a thinner formula over a thicker formula. A thinner formula gives you the ability to control the application process and build it up from a natural to dramatic finish. It is also going to stay on your skin for much longer and create a more refreshed look. 




If you are ready to update or add new colors to your makeup bag and choose new makeup pigments, I highly recommend you to first try on a few different outfits, accessories with different colors at home. Wear it or hold it close to your face and see how it reflects with your skin’s tone. If you like what it creates, that is a good color for you.

Also when you try any pigment, apply only one stroke as that is the true color. If you apply multiple layers, you will create a much darker pigment then the original.

Pressed Makeup (Pressed Eyeshadow, Pressed Blush or Pressed Powder)

Pressed Makeup (Pressed Eyeshadow, Pressed Blush or Pressed Powder)

Apply by using soft strokes using the body of the brush, not the head of the brush to see the true color. If you test the product using the head of the brush you are going to break the texture and change the product from pressed to loose which will create much stronger pigment. 


Take some of my tips that I shared here with you and try them with some of your makeup, you might rediscover a great product in your drawer.  And if not, you can always reach out to me with any question you might have about your makeup.  

We also offer 15% off your first order on all products on our website so you can explore and save!  

We are here for you :)

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