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5 Winter Makeup Must-Haves

5 Winter Makeup Must-Haves

Winter is a season that brings a lot of relaxation and cozy vibes, but turning the heat up can make your skin dry, flaky, and prone to breakouts. That's why it's essential to have a winter makeup routine that meets your skin's needs, helping you look radiant all season long. From hydrating foundation to long-lasting lipsticks, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and discover these winter beauty essentials!


  1. SPF! 

This one might surprise you, but our skin can get UV damage every single day of the year, even if you aren't going outside in the sun. How?! Halogen and fluorescent lights in your home or office can emit damaging UVA rays. Having SPF in your everyday routine is highly recommended and should be used on your face every. single. day. *Pro-tip: we recommend a gentle SPF that's typically made for babies, as they have the most sensitive skin.


  1. Vegan Lip Products

Lip products with clean ingredients & bold colors because there’s truly something mystical about a bold lip in the winter! It’s giving us sassy, confident & extra daring. This look is always a winter win. 


  1. Smoky Eyeshadows

Smokey eyeshadows add depth and drama to your look, perfectly complementing the darker, bolder fashion choices that come with the season. Our Glowing & Matte Eyeshadows have a nourishing, rich pigment that adds to the mystery. Ooh lala.


  1. Glowy Foundation

When the weather is on the colder side (and when the sun doesn't irritate our face) our skin can actually allow the foundation to look more fresh, glowy, and stay on longer. There is no better time to use Vegan Foundation than in Winter!  


  1. Long-Lasting Face Powder

The perfect compliment to your foundation? Powder. When you put any type of a liquid foundation on your face, you need a product to hold the formula in place for a long time. That's when Vegan Face Powder comes in to give you the overall finished look & perfect coverage to your skin. Bai bai unnecessary touch ups!


The truth is, it doesn't matter what season it is, it's always essential to take care of your skin properly. Having the right products with clean ingredients supports your overall health & wellbeing. Experiment with these winter makeup must-haves to enhance your beauty routine!

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