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Try To Apply Your Blush This Way | Puzzle Makeup

Try To Apply Your Blush This Way | Puzzle Makeup

When I apply blush on myself or my clients, I start at the upper cheek near the ear. I use the body/side of the brush, not the head. I apply the blush in downward strokes towards the nose stopping at the ball/apple of the cheeks.This allows you to control the color and make the application look clean and beautiful. It also makes the blush last much longer.

Quick Tips:

Blush are also great eyeshadows, the only difference is the size of the pan.

Blush expiration date is one year.

If you ever asked yourself "What blush is right for me" and need help choosing blush color, choosing blush for your skin tone or choosing the right blush for you. Let us know and we would love to help you figure it out. you can also go to our website and do Puzzle Makeup quiz. https://puzzlemakeup.com/pages/custom-makeup-form


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