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Mature Makeup for Spring

Mature Makeup for Spring

Ready to channel your inner Spring Goddess in 10 easy steps?

1. Start by adding some Loose Powder under the eyes. This will catch the excess eyeshadow and keep your skin clean & bright under the eyes. You're welcome! 

2. For Eyeliner use Following You with a Mini Brush. Softly hold the corner of your eyes & apply your shadow by following your natural lash line and slightly past the outer corner of your eye.

3. Apply Leaf with a Round Brush inside your crease line & blend it slightly upwards & out.
4. Under your brow line use a lighter eyeshadow, like Free Fallin with a Medium Brush.
5. Use Free Fallin or any lighter eyeshadow inside the waterline with an Angled Brush to bring some light to your eyes area. 
6. Next, follow your bottom lash line with a Mini Brush & use an eyeshadow color with extra POP.  We used "WOW" — we know, the name says it all. 
7. Use the same color or WOW with a Small Brush in the inner corner of your eyes.
8. Softly remove the Loose Powder with a Powder Brush — YAY no mess! 
9. To create an eye lift, use Medium Brush & a light color, like Free Fallin in the outer corner of the eyes and blend upwards. 
10. Mascara top & bottom I used Black on top Brown on bottom.
And who said Mature eyes can't look sexy?

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