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Life is All About Puzzle Pieces

Life is All About Puzzle Pieces

In the grand game of life, we are the Puzzlemakers & Creators of our own destinies. We place together all the pieces that form the picture of who we are becoming.

Our life experiences shape our beliefs and emotions, influencing the decisions we make along the way. Isn't it pretty remarkable how sensitive we are to the positive and negative energies that surround us?

It seems that negativity is often times deliberately projected onto us & amplified around us through media, magazines & movies. Feeding into the notion that we are not "good enough" unless we conform to a certain ideal of “perfection.”

But who defines what is perfect or beautiful?

We believe feeling beautiful starts from within. And shifting into midlife is where you get to let go of all the old negative stories — whether they were yours or not. 

By consciously selecting the positive pieces of your life, reassembling them in your mind, and empowering yourself, you will begin to embark on a journey of true self-love, self-acceptance, and inner strength.

This self-awareness allows you to make decisions that finally align with your authentic Self, leading to a happier, beautiful, and more fulfilling life. It's time to embrace ourselves just as we are, without the need for external validation or societal standards.

So, the next time you gaze into the mirror, remember to celebrate your unique beauty and embrace the essence of who you are & how you feel within. That's all that really matters. xoxo


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