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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

As a professional makeup artist, our Founder uses her brushes VERY often & still manage to keep her makeup brushes in an amazing condition for YEARS. ⁠

Follow these 10 simple steps & your makeup brushes will thank you forever.⁠ 👌⁠

1. You want the water temperature to be warm, not too hot or cold
2. You want to make sure that the water stays only on the brush hair and not anywhere else so it doesn't dissolve the glue & break the brush or separate the hair from the wood. 
3. You are going to wash your brush with your shampoo. yes you heard it right if your hair deserves the best your brush as well.
4. Apply the shampoo in soft strokes in the direction of your brush hair
5. Make sure you hold your brush in downward angled so the water stays only on the hair. 
6. Repeat this step but this time use your conditioner
7. Make sure that  you hold your brush in downward angled through the all process so the water stays only on the hair. 
8. Continue the soft strokes until the water are clean  & there is no more makeup left on the brush
9. Squeeze your brush very guntly so it's not too wet put your brush to dry
10. Make sure that your clean wet brushes have space between them & that the hair is over the counter so your brush's hair will dry beautifully all around.
Or check out this video and follow along for the tutorial!

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