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Biggest Mistakes Buying Lipstick

Biggest Mistakes Buying Lipstick

Is it just us or is buying the right lipstick colors one the hardest damn things to choose in person AND online? Yeah... we thought so.  

Here are some quick tips, so you can finally start selecting the perfect shades. Trust us, your lipstick & your money really don't like to stay in your drawers — they want to be used and enjoyed!


  1. Stop trying the lipstick on your hand!

The color of your lips is VERY different from the color of your hand. This changes how the pigment of the lipstick will actually look on your lips. To find the right color, you have to try them on your lips!


  1. Stop applying your lipstick the wrong way!

When you go 3-4 times back and forth on your lips you create a shade that it's 3 to 4 times darker than the original color. Apply your lipstick by dividing your lips in 4 sections. Start by applying on the top lip from the center going outwards to the corner. Repeat on the other side. Then repeat this on the bottom lip. This will showcase the natural and true color of your lipstick. You can always repeat those steps to build the color up to the darkest pigment the lipstick can get.


  1. Stop using old lipsticks!

Yes! Even your lipstick gets old. Your lipstick's expiration date is no longer than 1 year. If you like to push the boundaries, you might be able to go a little bit longer before the texture & pigment fully changes, expires, and bacteria begins to build. Gross!


  1. Stop using red or peachy pigments if you have Rosacea.

Reds & peachy undertones will make the red area on your face pop and become a lot more noticeable. Instead, find lipstick colors that have beige undertone. This will make your lighter skin pop more, helping blend & lighten the rosacea. Here are a few Lipsticks that are great for Rosacea: Mine Satin LipstickFree Satin Lipstick, and Last Chance Satin Lipstick. 



  • When you buy online, go find an object closest to the lipstick color you chose. It can be clothing, jewelry, fruit, anything. Place the object close to your lips & face. We know, it kind of sounds weird, but trust us, it works! This can show you how the color affects your appearance. Does your face light up? Does the color make you look washed out or tired? Is it giving you a soft, natural look? Or does it look too harsh? Ask yourself these questions and you'll immediately find your answers. 
  • If you already purchased a lipstick that is too dark for you and you want to change its tone, try adding foundation or a lighter color gloss and mix them together. This will help soften the color for your delicious lips.
  • Make sure that the brand you buy from does free returns or refunds, so you feel more comfortable taking the risk of ordering online! P.S. we do! xoxo

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