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The Brilliance of Black Skin

The Brilliance of Black Skin

Black skin comes in a range of shades and undertones, each with its own unique strength and pigment level. As shades becomes darker, makeup colors can do one of two things: 1. Pop easily to create a vibrant look or 2. Blend in so well that it's hard to see the true colors of your makeup — especially eyeshadows and blushes!

That’s why we have curated some of our favorite Puzzle pieces for beautiful, black skin.

ON THE NATURAL SIDE (for a natural, subtle look)

  • Blush: Beach Please, Famous
  • Eyeshadow: Jealousy, Irresistible, Summertime, Butter Cream
  • Lip Colors: Gloss One Way, Gloss: Goddess, Satin Lipstick My Heart, Lip Stain Flushed, Lip Stain Rumors.

FOR AN EXTRA POP (for a bold, smokey look)

  • Blush: I Scream, Toxic
  • Eyeshadow: WOW, Peach Out, Galaxy, Ecstasy, Dangerous
  • Lip Colors: Gloss Dolly, Gloss Unreal, Satin Lipstick No U Didn't, Satin Lipstick Outstanding, Lip Stain Love You, Lip Stain Party Girl

We can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to choose makeup that complements your unique skin tone and undertone! When you take our 1-minute Custom Makeup Quiz, you will finally get the professionally selected makeup you deserve! We get to finally celebrate our differences & individuality. At our core, we welcome and embrace diversity because honey, beauty knows no boundaries! 

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