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Puzzle Pieces: Meet Austin

Puzzle Pieces: Meet Austin

"I never leave my house without a handful of my favorite products!" 

Let's dive into Environmental Lawyer, Austin's must-haves inside her makeup bag.

  1. My Puzzle Custom Blend Foundation is a must! It’s a great base and provides good coverage without feeling heavy.
  2. My Puzzle Vegan Softie Lip Stain is with me at all times! It’s been my favorite makeup product for years now, and I love how long it lasts. It stays on after meals, drinks, and most importantly, giving my babies lots of kisses! It’s also super moisturizing — I actually put it on before I go to sleep when my lips get dry, and it always does the trick! 
  3. My Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara. It separates my lashes well and never clumps!
  4. My Puzzle Magnetic Palette. It's super convenient and holds my blushes as well as my powder, and is really slim so it fits into my small makeup bag. Plus it’s environmentally friendly and eliminates excess packaging, and as an environmental lawyer, that is a BIG plus for me! 
  5. I wear my Puzzle Blush Tarte every day because it goes with everything! It’s easy to go light and natural or layer it for a bolder look. 
  6. And finally, my Puzzle Powder! I wear it every day and love how it sets my look in place and provides long-lasting coverage while still letting my skin breathe at the same time.

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