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Mother's Day *Date* Ideas

Mother's Day *Date* Ideas

Listen, we ALL know what mom *really* wants for Mother’s Day — to spend time with you.

Even if it's simple as making lunch together, but if you are ready for an experience a little bit more adventurous, we whipped up some fun ideas for you!


1. HOT SPRINGS: who doesn't love a hot spring? Glen Ivy is the perfect place —affordable, relaxing, rejuvenating.

2. HOT AIR BALLOON: take your relationship to new heights — literally. There are so many wonderful options out in Temecula Valley wine country. Cheers to that!

3. BREATHWORK: spend some time reconnecting with your inner world and clearing away any old stressors together. Bring balance through your breath.

4. FAM PHOTO SHOOT: the *one* time mom can actually get what brings her the most joy — a family photo with everyone in the same place! 

5. "O" by Cirque du Soleil: ready for some magic? This show brings artistry and theatrical surrealism with world class acrobats, swimmer, and characters. 

6. THE SPHERES: drop into a fully immersive Las Vegas cinematic show and interactive atrium, now open at Sphere. Endluge mama in a multi-sensory experience with its own weather & seats that let you feel every moment.

7. MEMORY BOOK: mom's favorite past time... looking through all of her family photos! SO why not put them all in one place for her. Get creative & gift something form the heart.

8. COOKING CLASS: because why not schedule a private or group cooking class with an expert chef that you both can learn & enjoy!

9. PAINT & SIP: the perfect bonding activity for you and Mom, and you'll leave with a one-of-a-kind keepsake to remember your fun time together!

10. CONERT: surprise her with tix to her favorite show! Rock on! 🤘 

*BONUS IDEA* Take our Custom Makeup Quiz for both you and your mama, add your night time looks to cart, and when your professionally selected makeup (based on your unique features) arrives, you can plan your date! Treat each other by getting ready together, as we find this time to be so precious & intimate! Have fun!

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