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Women of Color  | Puzzle Makeup

Women of Color | Puzzle Makeup

As a woman of color, I have been judged and labeled under the category of "Not Good Enough." From a very young age I remember how much I had to fight not only to be a woman (which was already hard) but also a woman of color. I had to fight, not only for what I wanted to be and wanted to achieve, I also had to fight to be myself and prove that I am worth the effort, to prove that my beautiful skin color has nothing more to do with my ability to work hard and achieve my goals than the lighter skinned person next to me. I knew how hard things in life were going to be for me because I'm a woman of color, but I never ever allowed anyone to tell me I'm inferior. If they did try, I made sure that I was the one that left the room with my head held up high, and no one would stop me from becoming who I was meant to be. It was hard work and a long way, but I did it. It is really heartbreaking to see that this discrimination still exists so visibly today! We have to work together to stop this from continuing to happen, and make a better world for all of us together,  we can't allow any more generations to go through this again. I encourage anyone, no matter what skin color you are, to always try to do the right thing. To stop judging each other simply because our skin color is different.  To stand up for each other when you see something that's wrong, even if you know deep down it's going to benefit you in some way. To learn about each other, open up to our differences and how they make each of us beautiful and unique. To work hard together and help each other grow. Not allowing the negativity to take over and not using the anger that comes out of it to poison you or others around you. To make a fair and better future for all. This is the only way.I love my brown skin, I'm proud of my heritage, and I know that my success is the proof that anything is possible.Let's start by doing it today, so tomorrow can be a better day! 

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