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Angled Brush

What it is

Elevate your eye game with this versatile, vegan angled brush. Perfect for precise shadow application in the corner of your eyes, on the waterline, and even as an eyeliner brush. It picks up the perfect amount of shadow with just the right amount of control.

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How to clean

Use room temperature water and angle the brush downwards, so the water is flowing over the head of the brush. To clean, use shampoo ONLY. Gently massaging through the head of the brush in a downward motion. Rinse the shampoo from the head of the brush and set the brush flat on your counter or surface to let air dry.
Pro tip: Make sure water doesn’t run down the shaft of the brush, as this will damage the wood.

The details.

Application is one of the most important parts of your makeup routine. Luckily, all of our brushes are both high-quality and vegan - perfect for all skin types! Our game-changing brushes will give you the best results, making your makeup last longer and look oh-so-even. They are also easy to clean, easy to maintain, better for the environment, and ready to make you look (and feel) your absolute best.

Why we love it

Vegan, High-Quality, Easy-to-Clean, Versatile