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Puzzle Makeup: Your Missing Piece

When you purchase Puzzle, you’re purchasing products that are thoughtfully created and curated by a makeup professional with more than 20+ years in the biz. We’re here to help you no matter where you are on your makeup journey — whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro! We’ll connect you with cosmetics that enhance your inner beauty, and then provide our expert advice for every step of the way.


Hello hello!

I'm Avital.

I believe in making dreams come true. I was born into a poor family, raised by a single mother in the more dangerous neighborhoods of Israel and treated differently because of my economic and racial status.

I know what it means to struggle and go without. I never let that stop me from dreaming big - of coming to the US and making a name for myself. Believing that “you choose the voices you listen to in your head,” I vowed to overcome every obstacle to my success.

Arrival in the US did not immediately translate into the life of my dreams. I struggled daily to make ends meet and had to overcome the challenges of learning a new language and culture while convincing others to take a chance on me.

The owner of a high end spa finally did, and I became a talented, sought after makeup artist. My dreams didn’t end there. After meeting and marrying my husband, I now have two children, a makeup line and salon of my own.

Cut The Cr*p From Your Makeup Kit


Think back to when you first discovered makeup — and all the fun, excitement and curiosity that came with every new product you picked up. Here at Puzzle, we want to bring back that feeling! Our clean products are curated and customized to fit you perfectly, that way you don’t have to worry about figuring out what works for you or if it’ll be good for your skin. We’ll find your perfect makeup match, so you can just focus
on having fun with your makeup and curating your new self-care routine!


Our products are clean, cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and reusable. We know that’s a mouthful, but not everyone in the industry can say they make products that are good for people, animals andthe planet. We make our cosmetics right here in the USA from ingredients that are good for our skin, and good for our insides too. We’d never sell you anything we wouldn’t put on our own bodies — and that’s a promise.


Our FREE FROM ICK Commitment

Buzzwords are everywhere in the beauty industry. We’ve all been pressured to buy products because they boast that they’re “eco-friendly” “vegan” or “organic” — but the truth is that sometimes the products that sound the best might not be the best. 

That’s what makes us different: we only use the best, cleanest ingredients in all our products. To us, actions speak louder than words — and to truly be a clean beauty brand, we need to use the cleanest products, even if they might not have those buzzwords. We believe that “clean” isn’t found labels, it’s found in the formulas. At Puzzle, we make makeup that’s free from ick and full of natural, healthy ingredients that both your skin and body will love. 

Our team put years of industry experience, studies and ingredient research into each and every one of our products. We know these ingredients inside and out, and we know that they’re the right pick for our Puzzle customers. Our commitment to creating the cleanest possible products doesn’t stop just there, though — we’re constantly learning, growing and finding new ingredients and adaptations that make our products even better for the future. 


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