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Custom foundation doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can get it from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do to get foundation matched to your skin is send us a photo with your purchase!

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Why Should I get Custom Foundation?

We're all about the individual. We want you to know that you can get customized makeup that works with your own skin tone and any skin conditions you may have. When you upload a photo of yourself, we can match your foundation to you. You no longer have to guess your best match.

And we don’t use any fancy image analyzing technology. A real person assesses your image and creates foundation just for you. Never worry about buying foundation only to find that the shade is a little too light or too dark again. When your foundation matches your skin perfectly, your face will look flawless and natural.

Our foundation is weightless and blends effortlessly for flawless, consistent, natural cover for your skin. It never feels heavy, and allows your skin to breathe, feeling fresh and clean. Our blend is long lasting, organic, and oil free, and comes with the option of adding SPF 30 sun protection. It not only makes your skin look great, but is great for your skin.

Find my match!

Customer’s Testimonals

I've been using Puzzle makeup products since I had my first makeup session at Avital's Beauty Lounge over two years ago. The custom matched foundation was the first time I've worn foundation and not felt like I needed to scrape it off - it feels weightless, and blends effortlessly into my skin. Not to mention it's a great match for my skin tone!

Ginger Sevilla

I was having a lot of breakouts. I had spent so much money on every over-the-counter product that claimed to cover up acne as well as acne scars. I started to feel insecure and not as beautiful as I once had. I was nervous because my skin was so irritated but the foundation was moisturizing! And for the first time, it covered up my problem areas. I was shocked.

Lindsay Shannon

Avitals' custom liquid foundation provides a smooth matte finish; complimenting my skin tone and providing wonderful coverage. I do have sensitive skin and the foundation works very well with me. I am able to wear it everyday. The custom color and silky texture gives my skin a natural evenness and soft glow that looks great. A perfect foundation shade!

Katherine D.

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