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Brand New


We can’t take our eyes off of these eyeshadows! These vegan pressed eyeshadows are made from rich, dense pigments that can be applied wet or dry. They apply evenly, blend beautifully and can be worn all day without needing any touch-ups. Dry application allows for ultra-blendable eyeshadow looks, and wet application turns the product into the perfect liner. Each of our pan-pressed eyeshadows can be popped into one of our magnetic makeup palettes to reduce packaging and provide an eco-conscious makeup alternative. 

Tell Me More + -

  •  Clean & Cruelty free... as it should be!
  • Coverage Level: Light to Medium
  • Long-Lasting
  • Gives a Natural Glow
  • Nourishing formula
*This product snaps into both the Large and Small Magnetic Palette

Vegan Colors + -

The Following Colors of Glowing Pressed Eyeshadow are 100% Vegan (in A-Z order):

Accessories, Black Widow, Bombshell, Brand New, Butter Cream, Cat Walk, Check Me Out, Crazy One, Dark Night, Dream, Ecstasy, Exotic, Feisty, Frost, Future, Galaxy, GIrls Night, Good Morning, Happy Birthday, Honey, Hot Stuff, I Do, I'm A Star, Innocent, Irresistible, Jealousy, Just Out, Magnum, Midnight, Mislead, Mood, My Boyfriend, Obviously, Olive Tree, On The Edge, On The Rocks, One Of A Kind, Onyx, Peach Out, Pillow Fight, Poison Ivy, Pretty Good, Pretty Lights, Real, Roots, Show Time, Skins, Star, Strong Beauty, Strut Your Stuff, Sugar, Summer Love, Sunshine, Tan, Try Me Gold, Wave, WOW, XOXO, Zip It.

FREE FROM ICK Commitment:

Buzzwords are everywhere in the beauty industry. We’ve all been pressured to buy products because they boast that they’re “eco-friendly” “vegan” or “organic” — but the truth is that sometimes the products that sound the best might not be the best. 

That’s what makes us different: we only use the best, cleanest ingredients in all our products. To us, actions speak louder than words — and to truly be a clean beauty brand, we need to use the cleanest products, even if they might not have those buzzwords. We believe that “clean” isn’t found labels, it’s found in the formulas. At Puzzle, we make makeup that’s free from ick and full of natural, healthy ingredients that both your skin and body will love. 

Our team put years of industry experience, studies and ingredient research into each and every one of our products. We know these ingredients inside and out, and we know that they’re the right pick for our Puzzle customers. Our commitment to creating the cleanest possible products doesn’t stop just there, though — we’re constantly learning, growing and finding new ingredients and adaptations that make our products even better for the future.

How To Use + -

Apply softly with a medium size brush to create a natural, everyday look, Or a small size brush to create a smoky look. Also great to use as eyeliners.

You can learn more here:

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