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High-impact eyeshadows to bring back your smize. Available in pressed matte, glow, or loose powders to create those uniquely-you-looks. From natural to bold beauty and everything in between, we got you. Our matte and glow pressed eyeshadows snap easily into both our Large and Small Magnetic Puzzle Palettes.

Hey gorgeous, we see you!

<p>As we grow, mature, and change, so should our makeup. This is especially true for the windows of our soul — aka our eyes. However, finding the right ageless eye makeup products that are both vegan and suitable can be a challenge. This is where Puzzle's Quiz for custom eye makeup recommendations comes in handy. You get to select products that are:<br><br>
+ specifically designed for mature skin<br>
+ easy to apply and create a buildable look<br>
+ uniquely matched to your skin tone and style<br>
+ vegan and cruelty-free</p>
<p>That's right, we offer high-quality products that are both ethical and effective.</p>
<p>Puzzle's custom eye makeup selections also allow you to personalize your makeup routine to fit your unique needs. With a few puzzle pieces, whether you prefer a natural day look or something more dramatic for a night out, you can choose the vegan eye makeup that works best for you.</p>
<p>Additionally, having your own custom kit within your Magnetic Palette ensures that you always have the products you need on hand to effortlessly and quickly create a sophisticated or sassy look anywhere, any time.</p>
<p>By upleveling with our Magnetic Palette & custom eye makeup kit, you can select the products that are right for you, build and create a makeup routine that enhances your natural beauty, and feel confident and empowered everywhere you go. Win. Win. Win.</p>

Breaking Beauty Boundaries

We believe in the power of feelin’ yourself in every phase of life!