Reflection - Pan of Highlighter

  • Reflection - Pan of Highlighter

Reflection - Pan of Highlighter

Hit your features with this vegan Highlighter to create a healthy glow. Use it on top of other blushes or even as an eyeshadow.

Tip: Reflection should be used as a highlighter to use under eyes or any area of the face that you would want to highlight as a shimmer.

This product snaps into both the Large and Small Magnetic Palette.

Quick Tips:

  1. Blush are also great eyeshadows, the only difference is the size of the pan.
  2. Blush expiration date is one year.
  3. When I apply blush on myself or my clients, I start at the upper cheek near the ear. I use the body/side of the brush, not the head. I apply the blush in downward strokes towards the nose stopping at the ball/apple of the cheeks.

This allows you to control the color and make the application look clean and beautiful. It also makes the blush last much longer.


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