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Mythbusting 3 Beliefs About Makeup

Mythbusting 3 Beliefs About Makeup

Diving into the world of makeup can feel like you’re navigating a maze blindfolded. It's easy to get lost amidst the brushes, shades, and formulas, leaving you feeling more frazzled than fabulous.

But what if I told you that makeup could be your playground, a place where experimentation and fun reign supreme? Let's debunk some myths and sprinkle some magic into your everyday makeup routine!

Myth 1: “My makeup takes too much time to apply, I don’t know what I’m doing and & tbh it never looks good.”

First off, mastering the art of makeup doesn't have to be a Herculean task. The secret? Knowing your arsenal like the back of your hand. Imagine wielding a brush as your wand, casting spells to conjure the perfect look. It's all about the right tool for the right trick. A big brush can whisper color onto your cheeks with softness, while a small brush can intensify your gaze with precision. Remember, the magic lies in using the body of the brush in soft, deliberate strokes. This little nugget of wisdom can save you from the all the makeup mishaps and transform your routine into a swift, effortless dance, leaving you with results that'll make you blush *literally*.

Myth 2: “My makeup never lasts all day and my foundation feels cakey AF.”

Application is really important, but so are ingredients. These two factors go together and can affect your makeup results for better or worse. Ever felt like your foundation was a mask rather than a second skin? The culprits are often heavy, cakey formulas that suffocate rather than celebrate your skin. The elixir for this ailment? Light, buildable, and vegan formulas that not only allow your skin to breathe, but treat it like royalty. Our Puzzle foundation keeps your skin moisturized and goes on seamlessly, giving you that "I woke up like this" glow. And yes, they stay loyal from dawn till dusk—no touch-ups required. Our thin formula allows your makeup to blend nicely with your skin, making the application much easier with the ability to build it up, and stay on your skin for much longer.

Myth 3: “I’m tired of spending money on makeup I can't use!"

Lastly, let's tackle the elephant in the room—the graveyard of unused makeup haunting your drawers and makeup cabinets. You fall into the trap of buying a full pre-made palette because there are just two colors that you really like — the rest... they end up lost in the abyss of "someday I'll use it." Here's a novel idea: curate your makeup collection with the precision of an artist. Puzzle’s Custom makeup Quiz professionally selects shades that sing to you, that you'll reach for day in and day out. It’s designed to help you discover products that resonate with your unique style and features. When you build your own palette and makeup bag, you’re keeping your makeup organized and travel-friendly. Whether you're crafting your own palette or seeking our expertise, the power to revolutionize your makeup game is in your hands.  

There you have it—makeup demystified and reclaimed as a source of joy and expression. Check out our Tutorials so your makeup routine can be fun & easy with results that you'll love. Remember, beauty is a playground, and you're the artist. Let your creativity soar, and transform the overwhelming into the extraordinary.

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