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Eye Makeup Application for Ageless Skin

Eye Makeup Application for Ageless Skin

Hooded Eye Creases? Puffy Tired Eyes? Dark Circles? Yes we see it, too!

Eyes are such an important feature on the face. They are the windows to our soul & the thing that people focus on the most when they interact with you. As we mature, the skin around & on our eyes matures as well. Our muscles and tissues around the eyes begin to weaken, allowing adipose tissue to bulge out from our lower eyelid & creates a bit of puffiness. Our creases become more loose and droopy & our under-eye skin gets thinner, so our veins can be seen under the skin, which can create dark circles. 

Let’s not forget about hydration & SPF! If you are not drinking enough water or using SPF to protect your skin (including around your eyes!), the skin can become damaged and your under-eyes can become very dry & flaky, making the skin look even darker. All of these things begin to make our eyes look smaller, tired, & older. 

Here are 7 Ageless Makeup Tips that can help with the appearance of our eyes — making them look larger, lifted, and bringing some light around them to create a refreshed & awakened look.

  1. Make your eyeliner line on the thinner side to create more space between your eyelid & crease.
  2. Use a lighter eyeshadow color all over the eyelid & a medium to dark eyeshadow color on the crease. The lighter color brings things out, while the darker color pushes things in.  Make sure the darker eyeshadow pigment is in the outer corner of the eye to create a natural eye lift and really opens the eye, helping it appear larger and more awake. 
  3. Cat Eyes is a great look for hooded eyes because they help create a lifted look! 
  4. Brightness! Apply a lighter color eyeshadow inside the water line & in the outer corner of the eyes under the outer V. This helps lift the eyes.
  5. Puffy Eyes will create a darker line or shadow under the eye. To make it blend better with your skin, use a white eyeshadow or pencil on that line and blend it with your concealer. 
  6. Concealer. When we see dark circles the first thing that we do is buy light color concealer without really looking into which concealer pigment color is the right for you. Then, you end up with a grayish color under your eyes that is not going to help with the problem. 
    1. To get the results you actually want, you need to find the right shade for your skin tone & undertone. In some cases we need to mix our concealer with other pigments like green or yellow to create a color that will cover the dark circles & will still look like your skin color. 
  7. Apply your foundation first with the thin side of your wedge makeup sponge. Then apply concealer with the thin side of the wedge makeup sponge. Start by dabbing the concealer in the desired area & then repeat with soft strokes to blend it in naturally & with the right amount — not too cakey. Finally, apply your face powder with a vegan makeup brush all over your face, except for the under the eyes where you’ll want to apply the powder on top of your concealer with a new, dry wedge sponge. This will help your under eye area keep the concealer & foundation in place for much longer and give you the overall desired look.

Those tips can be very helpful in creating eyes that appear more youthful and refreshed. And remember — it's also very important to drink lots of water & use clean beauty products to help enhance your eyes and take better care of your skin.

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