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Avital's Makeup Bag Faves

Avital's Makeup Bag Faves

Ever wondered what a professional makeup artist keeps inside her makeup bag? Here are a few of Avital's favorite products that are all aligned with her unique skin tone, eye color, hair color, and style.

Pssst... don't take our Custom Makeup Quiz if you want to keep buying random palettes filled with colors you'll never use. When you answer 4 simple questions in less than 60 seconds, your Puzzle daytime & nighttime looks will be served with perfection. How? Avital professionally selected your palette based on your unique features!

Ok back to digging into her bag & why she loves what's inside!

#1 Makeup Brushes

"Puzzle Vegan Brushes feel so soft on my skin. They help me achieve any look that I desire and are perfect size for travel & everyday use."

#2 Obagi Skin Brightener & Blending Cream

"I use this once a week to keep my skin free of pigment. It's formulated with antioxidants and an exfoliant to help clarify and brighten skin. Bonus: it also helps my skin feel tighter."

# 3 Acure Essential Argan Oil

"People think oil causes pimples & breakouts. The truth is that natural oils are very good & beneficial for your skin. When you find the right one for your skin, you should not have any pimples or breakouts. Instead, you will have hydrated, glowy skin that looks & feels great." 

#4 Puzzle Lip Stains

"Skin 2 Skin & Softie are my travel go-tos. Skin 2 Skin matches my skin perfectly, whereas Softie is great for when I'm feeling on the brighter side. Both stay on my lips for a long time — I can kiss my husband, kids and pets without leaving any kiss residue on them!" *smooches*

#5 Puzzle Palette

"Building my own custom palette is so empowering. I love that I can mix and match and switch things up whenever I want because they magnetically snap in and out of the palette. It’s so exciting to know that with these colors, I can achieve any look that I desire — from natural to smokey!” Here are a few faves:

  • Powder — Summer Day: “I like that I can use it without foundation if I want to & it makes my skin look more even.”
  • Blush — Catching Feels: “It’s not too light & not too dark. The perfect color for a natural or smokey look.”
  • Bronzer — Sunrise & Iconic: “Usually I like to mix them together to create a natural, blended light on my forehead & cheeks. They are also so beautiful on their own.”  
  • Eyeshadows — “They never go into my creases or lines and feel great on my skin. There’s no need for touch-ups & they are super buildable pigments!”
    • Poison Ivy: “I actually use this eyeshadow as an eyeliner on my bottom lash line to make my brown eyes softly pop.”
    • Hot Stuff: “I use this on my crease to make my eyelids more defined, yet still on the natural side, which brings light to that area.”
    • Obviously: “I use this eyeshadow in many different ways, but most of the time I use it as an eyeliner on my top or bottom lash line.”
    • Cat Walk: “I love this eyeshadow on my skin tone & use it as eyeshadow in many different ways.” 
    • Dark Night: “I apply it on my top waterline to bring some warmth, which makes my eye color pop.” 
    • Check Me Out: “I usually love to apply it on my eyelids or on the creases softly, which blends so beautifully with my features.” 
    • Brand New: “I use this under the brow line, inside the waterline & in the outer corner of the eyes under the outer V. This makes my eyes look more lifted, bigger & more refreshed.”

Finding makeup that perfectly matches your unique features can seem like a daunting task, but with our Custom Makeup Quiz, it's easier than ever. Answer our 4 question quiz and get a personalized palette that is tailored to your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and style. We’re here to help save you time and money so you don’t keep wasting it on random palettes that aren’t made exactly FOR YOU. 

With Puzzle, you can finally create any look that you desire, from natural to smokey, and feel beautiful in your own skin. Experience the magic of custom makeup!

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