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Provocative - Lipstick

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  • Provocative - Lipstick

Provocative - Lipstick

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High quality CBD oil, Vegan formulafull of vitamins and made with
natural, healthy ingredients that calm and moisturize your skin.
Matte lipstick is shine-free, long lasting lipstick that will still keep your lips feeling moisturized, breathable and comfortable. We recommend starting with one layer first, then applying more as you see fit. Soft or dramatic, we have the perfect match for you.  


Cruelty free

Metallic effects/glow



Medium to High coverage 

High quality with color that stay true

Smooth texture that blend easily

Nourishing formula that softens and soothes

Great for easing headaches

*Quick tip*

Apply the lipstick on your lips by dividing your lips to 4 sections. Start by applying only once on each side from the top side on the right, starting from the center going to the corner,  then on the left and then repeat this on the bottom lip.

When you apply lipstick, use the pointed side of the lipstick. Follow & frame your natural lip line. Then, use the flat side of your lipstick and apply to the rest of your lips. The  pointed side of the Lipsticks will make the lip color look a little bit darker and more defined, and the flat side of your Lipstick will make the color look a little bit lighter and softer.


Lipstick with Lip liner

Apply the lip liner first. Choose a color that is a little bit darker than the lipstick that you've chosen to apply. Apply the lip liner on your natural lip line & the light  lipstick that you chose on the rest of the lips. This will make the center of your lips look as if they're more prominent,  which will make them look bigger. To achieve the same results you can also  make the lip liner line little bit thicker.

For a softer look, do the same but apply the lip liner at the end of the application. That will make the lip liner line look more blended without visibly seeing the lip liner line.


Lipstick with Gloss

Apply the lipstick by using the pointed side of the lipstick & follow your natural lip line, and make that line thinner. Then, use the flat side of your lipstick and apply it next to the thin line, but not all over the lips. When you're done, apply gloss only in the middle of your lips, top and bottom.

* You can add a white pencil, foundation or concealer that's lighter than your skin tone to all these applications to make your lips look bigger.


Choose which product you're going to use: white pencil, foundation or concealer.

Apply it right above & around your the lipstick that you've already applied & then blend the light line with makeup sponge or lip Brush. Make sure that it's still lighter than the rest, but not too obvious. The light around your lips will give the illusion as if your lips are more prominent & more full.

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