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Sparkle, matte or shine, our lipsticks and glosses go on smooth and moisturize your lips for long lasting looks. Mix and match glosses on top of lipsticks for bolder looks!

New Girl - Lipstick
Naked - Lipstick
Nailed It - Lip Stain
Mysterious - Matte Lipstick
My Rules - Matte Lipstick
My No. 1 - Lipstick custom makeup
My Heart - Lipstick custom makeup
Mojo - Lipstick
Mine - Lipstick custom makeup
Messy - Lip gloss custom makeup
Melody - Lipstick
Love You - Lip Stain
Lost - Lipstick custom makeup
Like Me - Lipstick
Let's Play - Matte Lipstick
Last Chance - Lipstick
Kiss Me - Lipstick
Kiss and Tell - Lipstick
Just Out - Lipstick
Jewel - Lip Gloss
It's You - Lipstick
Innocent - Lipstick
In Love - Matte Lipstick
Impossible - Lipstick
I'm Hot - Lipstick
I Know - Lipstick
Hero - Lipstick
Hazard - Lip Stain