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Sparkle, matte or shine, our lipsticks and glosses go on smooth and moisturize your lips for long lasting looks. Mix and match glosses on top of lipsticks for bolder looks!

Smudge - Lip Gloss
Skin 2 Skin - Lip Stain
Simple - Lip Gloss
Shocking - Lip Stain
Say It - Lip gloss custom makeup
Save Me - Lip gloss custom makeup
Sassy - Lip Gloss
Sandstorm - Lip Gloss
Runway - Lip Gloss
Rumors - Lip Stain
Relaxed - Lip Stain
Princess -  Matte Lipstick
Pretty Girl - Lipstick
Possible - Lipstick
Poke Me - Lipstick custom makeup
Peace - Lipstick
Party Time - Matte Lipstick
Party Girl - Lip Stain
Outstanding - Lipstick
Outside - Lip Gloss
One Way - Lip Gloss
On Fire - Lipstick
OMG - Lipstick
No U Didn't - Lipstick
New Look - Lipstick