Tempting - Lip Stain

  • Tempting - Lip Stain

Tempting - Lip Stain

Want longer lasting coverage without the feeling of dry lips? Try our vegan lip stains for beautiful colors that last hours. 

Lip Stain is a Gloss that dries into a matte lipstick

*Quick Tip*

Lip Stain with Gloss

You want to apply the Lip stain first, using the head of the wand as a lipliner. Follow & frame your natural lip line. Apply to the rest of your lip area with a Lip Stain by using the flat side of the wand. When the Lip Stain dries, apply the Gloss all over or only in the middle of your lips. You can also use Lipliner instead of the Lip stain in the first step to create more definition. 

* You can add a White pencil, foundation or Concealer that's lighter than your skin tone to make your lips look bigger.


Choose which product you're going to use: White pencil, Foundation or Concealer. Apply it right above & around the Lip Stain that you've already applied & then blend the light line with a Makeup sponge or Lip brush. Make sure that it's still lighter than the rest, but not too obvious. The light around your lips will give the illusion as if your lips are more prominent & more full.   


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