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Lip Service.

Nutrient-packed lip smackers designed to deeply replenish & POP.
Lip Gloss Wand
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With a Twist (Gloss Wand)
Winner (Gloss Wand)
Vicious Trollop (Gloss Wand)
Vial (Gloss Wand)
Unreal (Gloss Wand)
Turn Me On (Gloss Wand)
Truffle (Gloss Wand)
Touch (Gloss Wand)
The Only One (Gloss Wand)
Sweet (Gloss Wand)
Sunset (Gloss Wand)
Storm (Gloss Wand)
Stoplight (Gloss Wand)
Spicy (Gloss Wand)
Sparks (Gloss Wand)
Smudge (Gloss Wand)
Simple (Gloss Wand)
Shimmer & Shine (Gloss Wand)
Sassy (Gloss Wand)
Sandstorm (Gloss Wand)
Runway (Gloss Wand)
Rich (Gloss Wand)
Outside (Gloss Wand)
Ophelia (Gloss Wand)
One Way (Gloss Wand)
Miss Attitude (Gloss Wand)
Jewel (Gloss Wand)
Goddess (Gloss Wand)
Get Dirty (Gloss Wand)
Flirty (Gloss Wand)
First Impression (Gloss Wand)
Fairy Dust (Gloss Wand)
Dolly (Gloss Wand)
Deceiving (Gloss Wand)
Deadly (Gloss Wand)
Crazy Red (Gloss Wand)
Coral Reef (Gloss Wand)
Attention Please (Gloss Wand)

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Lip Gloss Wand from $12.50
Satin Lipstick
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