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Dreamy clouds of blushes, bronzers, and highlighters that guarantee a breezy application and a buildable look. These cheeky products snap easily into both our Large and Small Magnetic Puzzle Palettes.

Get ready to get cheeky!

<p>Puzzle’s makeup for cheeks is a game-changer, and we're not just talking about the basic blush that we all know and love. We're talking about vegan blush that gives you a natural-looking flush without harming any animals. And let's not forget about the vegan bronzer that gives you a sun-kissed glow.</p>
<p>Ready for some more makeup magic? It happens with vegan highlighters. These babies make your cheekbones pop like nobody's business, enhancing your natural beauty, features and glow. BONUS: they come in all sorts of shades to suit every skin tone.</p>
<p>And if you're like us and have trouble finding the perfect shades for your skin & style, then a custom makeup kit is a must-have. With our customizable magnetic palette, you can finally have a selection that's filled with the colors you love that are professionally picked for you. It's the ultimate solution for those of us who want to build-your-own adventure and have fun with our makeup routine again.</p>
<p>So, don't settle for buying another generic palette with just 2 colors you can use. Invest in vegan products that are good for you and the planet, where you get to choose and create the custom makeup kit of your dreams that's tailored to your needs. Get ready to get cheeky!</p>

Breaking Beauty Boundaries

We believe in the power of feelin’ yourself in every phase of life!